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Three Ways To Help Cool Your Home This Summer

Friday, June 4th, 8:50 PM

HVAC Experts In Escondido, CA Offer Options To Help Homeowners Stay Cool

Escondido, United States – June 4, 2021 / Excel Services /

Three Tips To Beat Summer Heat

An air conditioning unit is a necessity for any home in a warm climate. With summer approaching, it is essential that homeowners understand ways to keep their air conditioners functioning, as well as other ways to keep the home cool. Below are three easy things any homeowner can do to take some strain off their air conditioner and keep the home cool through other means.

Know Which Doors To Close

It may seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to keep a home cool is to close the exterior doors. Many homeowners have screen doors and will open their doors on hot days to “let fresh air in.” But the air conditioner is already doing this. By leaving external doors closed, homeowners can save money by not “air conditioning the neighborhood.”

If there is no central air in the home and there are window units instead, it can help to close internal doors to focus the cool air in one room. But this does not work in homes with central air. Usually, interior doors need to be left open to help increase air circulation throughout the house.

Install Fans

Contrary to popular belief, fans within the home do not cool the air. Instead, fans simply move the current air around, giving the illusion of cooling. But fans can still help keep a house cool in the summer. Installing fans near windows or hallways can help move cool air from outside or certain parts of the home to other areas. While fans do not cool air, they do cool people.

Because homeowners feel cooler when the fan is on, it allows them to turn their thermostat up a few degrees. In the summer, even a few degrees can drastically reduce energy costs from the air conditioner. There is one more fan option. Whole-house fans expel air from inside the home and replace it with outside air. This seems like it would cool the house with no problem. However, these fans only work when outdoor temperatures are cooler than those indoors.

Maintain the Cool

As with many appliances in the home, routine maintenance can save costs and time later. There are several things homeowners can do to keep their air conditioner running properly, but there are also things that need to be done by a professional every year.

  • Change filters: This is the most obvious but most effective way to keep an air conditioner running in good condition. The average air conditioner is meant to last ten years but will often break down much earlier if it has to fight clogged filters. Changing the air conditioner’s filter is cheap and easy and should be completed by the homeowner once every month.
  • Keep the outdoor unit clear: Clearing foliage and debris away from the outdoor air conditioning unit can help it cool more efficiently. As with the indoor filters, it is easier for air to cycle through if it does not have to fight through debris.
  • Annual Check-up: Every year, a professional should complete an inspection of the unit to ensure everything is clear and working correctly. This can save money since fixing hard-to-find problems can be costly.

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