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Celebrate National AC Day This July 17th!

Monday, August 2nd, 7:00 PM

HVAC Techs in Escondido, CA Share Tips for Summer AC Care

Escondido, United States – August 2, 2021 / Excel Services /

Honor National AC Day With These 3 Easy Ways To Take Care of Your Air Conditioner

Back in 1902, an American engineer named Willis Carrier changed the world with his air conditioner invention. Originally designed to reduce humidity, his machine had the pleasant side effect of cooling the air at the same time. And with that, the modern air conditioner was born.

In recognition and celebration of this milestone in American history, July 17th has been designated National AC Day. Fitting that it should be in the middle of summer when it’s so much easier to appreciate the refreshing blast of cool air from an air conditioner. But aside from basking in the glory of air conditioning on a hot day, nothing shows appreciation better than giving the AC a little TLC – so read on for three easy ways to do it.

Keep the House and the Air Filters Clean

First on the list of ways to take care of the AC is keeping the system as clean as possible. First of all, that means changing the filter on time. The proper interval for filter replacement varies based on factors like the type of filter, the size of the household, whether or not there are pets in the home, etc. Still, every 60 to 90 days works for most. 

If the filter gets too dirty, it can lower the home’s indoor air quality and strain and damage the unit by onstricting airflow and allowing debris to accumulate inside the unit. To help keep the filter clean and extend its lifespan, the house should be kept clean as well – regularly vacuuming rugs and upholstery, dusting countertops, fans, and shelves, and sweeping and mopping hard floors, etc.

Make Temperature Adjustments To Reduce Unit Workload

Next up is a great way to reduce strain on the unit and save on energy costs simultaneously – simply by adjusting the thermostat during certain times of the day. It takes a lot of energy to keep a home chilly during the hottest part of the day – the AC will need to run almost constantly at full capacity to keep up. But by raising the temperature by just a few degrees, homeowners can give the unit a break – not to mention lower their energy bills. 

And chances are, the difference in comfort will be hardly noticeable. If need be, one can turn on ceiling fans to help keep the place cool with minimal energy consumption. Then, when things cool off in the evening, one can adjust the temperature back down to a cooler setting. With the help of a good programmable or smart thermostat, one can even automate these adjustments.

Schedule a Maintenance and Tune-Up Visit

Lastly, any homeowner can do one of the best things to care for their AC is to get it maintained and tuned up by a professional. A professional maintenance visit typically includes a thorough inspection and diagnostic check of the system to ensure everything is functioning as it should, a detailed cleaning of the unit and its components, and general upkeep tasks like lubricating bearings, tightening any loose screws or wires, and calibrating the thermostat. 

Ideally, AC maintenance should be performed every spring at the very least, but if it hasn’t been done already, there’s no better time than National AC Day!

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