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Back to School Basics: Air Conditioning 101

Monday, September 13th, 1:45 PM

HVAC Experts in Escondido, CA, Share Air Conditioning Basics

Escondido, United States – September 13, 2021 / Excel Services /

Discover the Basics of a Home’s Air Conditioning System

Learning is in the air as summer break winds to a close and kids begrudgingly head back to school. But for homeowners, the desire to learn may not be so reluctant. In fact, homeowners that take a little time to learn the basics of home maintenance often save money, prevent headaches, and take good care of their home. And one vitally important system – especially during the still-hot summer months- is the air conditioner. Luckily it doesn’t take a semester or even a class to learn the basics of air conditioning systems. A simple blog post will do the trick!

Kinds of Air Conditioners

There are two main kinds of air conditioners in use today: central and ductless. Most homes have central air conditioning units, which means that one central location takes care of cooling the entire home by removing warm air and transporting cool air through the house via a duct system. The air conditioner itself is split into two units, one inside and one outside. 

The other system for cooling homes is called ductless or mini-split air conditioning. This is because there are no ducts required for these air conditioners to work and because they’re miniature versions of the larger ones that comprise the central air systems. Essentially, ductless air conditioning systems consist of a unit installed into the room itself, dedicated to cooling only that room. These systems require multiple indoor units, often attached to one outdoor unit. Mini-split systems are often used for older homes without ductwork or add-ons where extending ductwork would be costly or inefficient. 

Central AC Repair Signs

Since most homes rely on a central AC system for cooling, this section will focus on signs a central AC unit needs repair. One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong is a lack of cool air coming from the vents. If the thermostat is on and set to cool, but there’s no air blowing – or warm air – something’s wrong with the system.

Other signs include strange smells coming from the air vents or the unit itself. Short cycling (when the air conditioner keeps turning on and off over a short period, doing little to actually keep the temperature down) is also an issue. The presence of humidity in the house may also be a sign the AC system needs repair because one of the major jobs of an air conditioner is removing humidity from the air. 

Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important

In addition to cooling a home, air conditioning is important for keeping the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in a house at acceptable levels. Unfortunately, experts estimate that pollution is much worse indoors than it is outdoors. This is mainly because of poor HVAC maintenance. Things like changing filters on time and having a professional assess IAQ annually are important for ensuring the air inside a home is clean and healthy. 

Poor IAQ can cause asthma and other lung issues. Indoor pollution can be especially dangerous for the elderly, infants, and anyone with lung disease or breathing issues. Marking the calendar for an IAQ assessment every year or joining an HVAC company’s maintenance plan can ensure that the home’s air stays healthy and that the HVAC system is properly cared for. 

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