Duct Testing and Sealing in San Diego County

While many homeowners today are opting to use ductless mini splits to keep their homes comfortable throughout the year, the majority are still using forced air heating and cooling systems that rely upon ductwork to distribute air throughout the house. There is nothing wrong with doing so, obviously. You should be aware of some potential issues that could affect these types of systems, though. After all, you want your system to excel. We’ll help it to do so.

Perhaps the most common problem that systems like furnaces and central air conditioners share in common is damaged ductwork. Leaky ducts can negatively affect your comfort, the condition of your heating and/or cooling system, and your budget. They are also tough to spot, because your air ducts are largely hidden from view. At Excel Air , we know how to test ducts properly. Leave your duct sealing and duct testing services in San Diego County, CA to us.

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Leaky Ducts: Signs of Trouble

First things first. You should never try to locate leaks in your air ducts on your own, and you definitely should not attempt to seal your air ducts as a DIY project. It is trickier than you may think, it requires materials that only professional have and know how to handle, and you risk doing further damage to your property. That doesn’t mean that the homeowner doesn’t play an important part in the duct testing/sealing process, though.
The best thing that you can do for your air ducts is recognize the signs of trouble with those ducts early on. To do so, obviously, you need to know what these signs of trouble may entail. Look out for the following, and contact us if you suspect that your air ducts are compromised.
  • Inexplicably high heating and/or cooling costs.
  • Reduced indoor air quality.
  • Hot or cold spots popping up throughout the house.
  • A hissing or whistling sound.
  • Overall decrease in comfort.

How We Test Ducts

Testing ductwork means using finely calibrated equipment in order to determine if your air ducts are actually leaking, without having to tear your walls apart while looking for leaks. To accomplish this, a fan specifically designed for this purpose is used. The information it gives us will tell us if your air ducts are not well–sealed.

All dampers/registers in the system will be closed off, save for one access point. We’ll connect the fan to the system, and use it to pressurize the ductwork. If the pressure shows a difference compared to the input, then we know that air is leaking out somewhere.

How We Seal Ducts

Sealing air ducts is not a job for duct tape. We cannot stress this enough. People like to think of duct tape as a catch–all solution around the house, but it should never be applied to air ducts. The material breaks down quickly and will not create a lasting seal.

Once we’ve determined where the ducts are leaking from, we’ll access that point in the system and use a special mastic to seal the tear or hole. This mastic hardens as it dries, and will keep the air in the ducts where it belongs for a long time to come. You can count on us for quality duct testing and duct sealing services in San Diego County, CA. After all, at Excel Air, your comfort is all that matters!