San Diego Air Filtration Purifier Systems

Here’s a surprising fact for you to mull over. The air quality in your home may actually be lower than that of the air outside! It sounds surprising, but keep in mind that your home is a much smaller area, obviously, and that you probably keep it tightly sealed up in order to boost cooling (and heating) efficiency. A number of different factors may converge and drag down your indoor air quality, but our IAQ technicians can help.

We excel where others fail, and this includes in finding you the right air filtration systems and air purifiers in  San Diego County, CA. We are a family owned and operated company with EPA-certified technicians on staff. We wouldn’t want our family breathing air of a low quality at home, and we don’t want yours to, either. Schedule your air filtration and air purifier services with Excel Air , and enjoy air that excels in quality.

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Start with Improved Air Filtration

Air filtration is the most basic way to go about cleaning up the air that you breathe in your home. Basic does not imply lackluster results, though, and a good air filtration system in San Diego County, CA may be all that you need. And no, the air filter in your air handler is not going to do the trick. That filter has a low MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) and its purpose is to protect your HVAC system, not your indoor air quality.

Allergy Control

Many of the airborne contaminants that lower the quality of the air in the home are allergens like pollen and dust. These may not have as adverse an affect on your health as viruses or mold spores, but they can still make you miserable if you are susceptible to them. Fortunately, many air filtration systems are ideal for removing these allergens from your home’s air circulation. Have a professional evaluate your home to determine the best filtration system to alleviate your symptoms.

Choose a Whole–House Filtration System

When we talk about air filtration systems, we are not talking about those portable air filters that may sit on a bureau in your bedroom. Those systems may be fine for certain applications, but using a whole–house filtration system is the way to go if you want to improve indoor air quality throughout the entire living space. Such systems require professional installation, as they integrate right into your HVAC system. Let us install and service your air filtration system.

What Are UV Air Purifiers?

While air filters are great for removing pollutants like dust and dirt from the air in one’s home, they are not going to do much about biological pollutants. These are living microorganisms that can decimate your indoor air quality and put your health at risk. Biological pollutants may include viruses, mold, and bacteria. How can you compete with such insidious foes? By using a UV air purifier in San Diego County, CA!

UV air purification means using ultraviolet light to destroy the pollutants in the air. UV germicidal lights are installed in your ductwork, and are completely safe for people and pets in the house. For microorganisms, though, they are devastating. Basically, the UV radiation either kills of the pollutant entirely or disrupts its biological processes, making reproduction impossible.

We Install and Service Various Air Filters and Air Purifiers

No matter what type of pollutants you’re struggling with in your home, our technicians can help. While these systems require very little in the way of maintenance, they should still be evaluated along with your HVAC system annually. Filters will also need to be replaced as needed. When the time comes to have your air purifiers or air filters in San Diego County, CA repaired or replaced, count on Excel Air to guarantee that they continue to Excel.

If you are looking for a truly great and comprehensive air purification system, then we strongly recommend the use of an activTek Environmental model. Their activTek ActivePure® Technology products are extensively tested according to rigorous standards, ensuring that they excel in their environmental condition. Let our team know if you are interested in taking advantage of some of the finest air purification technology on the market.