Radiant Heating Systems in San Diego County

The most popular heating system in the country is probably the furnace, which is a forced air heating system. Forced air heating systems have many benefits to offer, but they have drawbacks like any other system, as well. One outstanding alternative to forced air heating to consider is radiant heating. We install and service exceptional radiant heaters in San Diego County, CA.

Due to their method of operation, radiant heating systems are most easily installed at the time of a home’s construction. That does not mean that you cannot update your existing heater with a new radiant heating system, though. The benefit of working with Excel Air, after all, is that we excel where others fail. Contact us today if you are interested in taking advantage of radiant heating in your home.

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What Is Radiant Heating?

Unlike a furnace or a heat pump, the radiant heater does not apply heat to air and then distribute that air throughout ductwork into the house. Instead, radiant heating systems apply heat directly to the floors, or sometimes walls, of a home. The benefit of in–floor heating is that it helps to keep heat down in the living space, where it belongs.

When you heat building materials, that heat is going to radiate outward to other objects in the room being heated. This includes couches, chairs, and human bodies. Radiant heating is very efficient, as you don’t have to worry about air loss via leaky ductwork, and can help to eliminate cold spots that can develop with forced air heating.

How Do Radiant Heating Systems Work?

There are various methods that can be used to enjoy radiant heating in one’s home. Electrical panels may be installed behind walls, for instance. However, most homeowners choose – and most contractors recommend – in–floor radiant heating. The effects and comfort levels are just at their best when the ground beneath your feet is warm – especially in the bathroom on those chilly winter mornings!

Even when narrowed down to in–floor heating, there are different options to consider. For instance, hydronic heating systems circulate water heated by a boiler through tubing installed beneath the floor. Electric coils may also be used to heat the floor, which is handy for those homes without a boiler in place. Radiant heating is easily zoned to specific parts of the home, as well.

We Install and Service Radiant Heating Systems in San Diego County, CA

As you can see, there are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to radiant heating and the design of your system. One fact that is true across the board, though, is that you need a professional radiant heating system installation if you hope to get the most from your system. Scheduling your radiant heater installation or replacement with our staff means that your system will work at peak efficiency levels, and it will also operate safely.

Even the best radiant heaters, unfortunately, are not immune to operational problems. While routine radiant heating maintenance will help to keep your system functioning as intended – and fewer moving parts than forced air systems means less risk of trouble – there is no guarantee that you won’t run into issues from time to time. If you have cold spots in your floor, or see heating costs spike, schedule radiant heating repairs in San Diego County, CA with Excel Air immediately.